April – May 2016 Newsletter

April –May 2016
Pansies Stand for Thoughts
Deaconess and Lay Pastor: Gloria G. Marple
Happy Easter!!
You may be wondering what happened to the newsletter for March…..well a couple of
things happened at the end of February that made getting the newsletter out
difficult. One was that Jean Shevland, long time member and assistant editor fell and ended up
in the hospital. Then I took a trip to Nashville to meet with some of the Deaconess and Home
Missioner Candidates to be consecrated at General Conference this year. Well, Jean is doing
much better and I had a great experience in Nashville. But with Easter here, (probably past
when you receive this) and the Plant Sale coming up, we felt it was time to get the newsletter out!
This Eastertide is a time of New Beginnings. I see all the daffodils and other
flowers, the beautiful blooming trees, the baby lambs and new elk , I am reminded of God’s
infinite wisdom and plan. This is a time for New Beginnings for Wilshire as well.
As I transition, at the end of June into other things and away from this church, it will also
be a time for transition for Wilshire NAF There will changes in leadership and ways of doing
We need to hear from you on the changes that will be starting. With that in mind (and
knowing how busy every one is), on April 24, we will be having a combination Worship service
and All Church meeting. Eva Johnson will be speaking and we will meet in the Fellowship
Hall. This will be a time to left up your joys and concerns and what “Church” means to you. If
you care about this church and its future, please plan to attend. We need everyone’s input. And
then plan to stay as long as it takes and to join us for potluck afterward .

Peace and Happy Spring!!
The Members of the Church Council
Gloria Marple, Loretta Milton, Josh and David Marple, Helen Stewart, Jean Shevland, Helen
Iles, Louise and Paul Darling, Bobbie Edwards, and Lois ChilcottPlease join us
Wilshire United Methodist
Native American Fellowship
Plant Sale
& Indian Taco Sale
WHEN: Saturday – April 2, 2016
WHERE: 3917 NE Shaver Street
Portland, OR
(503) 282-6431
TIME: 10am – 3:00 pm (Plant Sale)
11:30 am – 1:00 pm (Indian Taco Sale)
WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE Use ramp door at rear.
Please bring bottles and soda cans for recycling to this
Thanks to everyone contributing to the weekly offerings, we have paid all current
bills. Weekly collections including building use receipts have averaged $470.
Thanks to Helen Iles and the Pop Bottle and Cans recycling project we have been
contributing to Our Shared Giving Apportionments. Continued maintenance of the
church building and the consequential expense is being addressed by the Board of
Helen Stewart, Finance Secretary
The Bottle & Can Lady (Helen I.)
Total for the last week of March was $52.50 The total for the month, $143.00,
making the total for the year, $446.55!!! Thanks to everyone who was and is able
to contribute!! Keep those containers coming as we continue to make our
commitment to ministries beyond the local church!!
WILSHIRE SEWING GROUP—Note the new time!
“The Wilshire Sewing Group” will be meeting on Mondays
from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm instead of Tuesdays starting Monday, March 28th.
We have two sewing machines that need loving care and most needed supplies. You
are welcome to bring your own machine and your own project. As a group we will
work on making pillows and quilts for donation. Any scrap wool fabric for quilts
would be appreciated.
For more information, please call Helen Stewart, 503-282-6431.UNITED METHODIST WOMEN
On Saturday, March 19, the UMW met at the Marquis Care Center at Mt.
Tabor(60th & SE Belmont). President Jean Shevland was in good spirits and
the7 attendees enjoyed good fellowship, snacks and prayer. The UMW is
looking forward to our upcoming Plant Sale and Indian Taco Lunch to be held
April 2. Any help with procuring plants would be much appreciated. A sign
up sheet for help with the Taco Lunch is being circulated.
During April the UMW has scheduled a fireside meeting at the church on
April 8at 2:00 pm. Also in April, a District UMW meeting is scheduled for
the 14th &15th at the Collins Retreat Center. May 21 a meeting is scheduled
for 9:30 am.While President Jean is in recovery mode, we are hoping to carry
on in the spiritof the UMW purpose: to continue creating a supportive
fellowship of women.
Loretta Milton, Vice President Healing Notes
Our new program: Healing Notes: Native American-Style Flute Music for Healing
& Transition is underway! Healing Notes is a service for healing; special gatherings and
celebrations; birthing; convalescence (home or facility) from illness or injury; death,
dying and grieving; hospice; funerals, weddings, etc. Stephanie will travel to you and
play the Native American Flute for you or your loved one(s). The potential benefits of
music in a healing setting are calming, soothing, relief from pain, alleviation of distress,
peace and relaxation. Reading, conversation, and smudging are also available upon
request. All visits are strictly confidential. There is no charge for this service; funds for
this program are provided by grants and voluntary love donations. This service is open
to all ages, ethnicities, creeds, and spiritualities; it is nondenominational and there is no
proselytizing. If you are interested in this service, please call Stephanie at the number
during the hours below. If you need brochures, please contact either Stephanie or Helen
Stewart of the Board of Trustees. Please don’t hesitate to call Stephanie at (503) 846-
1755 between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., if you have any questions or concerns.
-Stephanie Baldridge
Prayer Tree
Should you, or anyone that you know, be seriously ill, coming up for surgery,
convalescing, dying, etc., please help us activate the Prayer Tree by calling Stephanie
at (503) 846-1755 between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., or e-mailing her at:
alaria@syrynx.net. In this way, we can notify everyone quickly and easily, and put all of
our collective prayers to work!
-Stephanie Baldridge
Cascadia Flute Circle
Don’t forget to visit www.cascadiaflutecircle.org for a wealth of Native American cultural
information and traditional (as well as non-traditional) recipes. We’re not just about
Native American Flutes! Please contact Stephanie at alaria@syrynx.net or (503) 846-
1755 if you would like more info on Cascadia Flute Circle, Native American Flute
presentations/lectures, lessons, concerts, weddings, funerals, etc. Stephanie is now
also doing Native American Flute lessons online. Please visit
www.nativeamericanflutelessons.com, or contact Stephanie for more infoA Focus on Global Health
Each year around the world, 6 million children under five years of age die
from preventable causes.
This May, during the 2016 General Conference in Portland, Oregon, Abundant
Health for All: Our Promise to Children, a signature health initiative of the new
Global Health unit of the General Board of Global Ministries, will be formally
introduced with a promise to reach 1 million children with lifesaving
interventions by the year 2020.
Abundant Health for All: Our Promise to Children comes at the heels of the
denomination’s successful Imagine No Malaria (INM) campaign, a major
fundraising campaign with a goal of $75 million, and which grew out of the
Nothing But Nets public appeal. So far, INM has raised $68 million. Read the
rest of this story in the New World Outlook.
Please join us on April 24th for a special Worship
Service and all Church meeting at 11 AM. Eve Johnson
will be speaking and we need everyone with joys or
concerns about the Wilshire United Methodist Church to
be in attendance. Please also to join us for Potluck
immediately folloing the Service and Meeting. See you
Wilshire United Methodist Native American Fellowship has a website!!
Visit www.wilshirenaf.org
Great pictures of the church, calendar links etc. More to come!!Community Calendar
From the “Whirl Wind Community Calendar
February 13-May 29—One November Morning. Exhibition at Clark County
Historical Museum. Descendants of the Sand Creek massacre of November 29. ,
1864 have created an exhibit of artwork depicting the day.
February 8– May 8—Contemporary Native Photographers and the Edward
Curtis Legacy features photographs by Native artists Zig Jackson, Wendy Red
Star, and Will Wilson. Their work is juxtaposed with photographs from Edward
Sheriff Curtis’ renowned book the The North American Indian. Tickets include
general admission, special exhibition admission, and access to public tours. At the
Portland Art Museum.
February—June Dates—Autism in Indian country—Me Too: Sibling Group.
Ages 8 and up. Group gives siblings the chance to have fun together while
receiving support, discussing/sharing their sibling relationship and exploring the
fits and challenges of having a sibling with special eeds. Fun activities. Native
American Games and culture. Snacks. April2, May 7, June 4. 1 pm to 3 PM East
Portland Community Center, 740 SE 108th Avenue, Portland 97216. Registration
required. 503/636-1676
July 19— NARA Annual Alumni Picnic. NARA Residential Treatment Center,
Hwy, Portland, Oregon.
Rose City Native Radio—Thursday’s at 6:00 pm. KBOO Portland 90.7 FM,
Corvallis 104.3 FM