January – February 2016 Newsletter

Wilshire United Methodist

Native American Fellowship

January—February 2016

  January February 2016

Pansies Stand for Thoughts

Deaconess and Lay Pastor: Gloria G. Marple

Happy New Year!! This year has already started with storms of ice and smow….and new tires for my car. We actually still have some snow in spots up here. We are so lucky and fortunate that we have dry warm shelter!!

Last week we had our “Quest for Tomorrow”. We celebrated the past and future and with Louise Darling’s leadership, we (the Church Council and other members of the Church started to look at what is working and what is not. The group came up with a list of priorities for right now:

Create a search committee to identify possible pulpit supply candidates including lay pastor tract candidates and other creative directions where we may find leadership.

Explore possible revenue sources to increase salary for pastor.

Review funds that are available for ministry, building and cost of keeping our doors open against income.

Create some plan for follow up with visitors and connecting with greater Native Community by participating in events.

We than assigned individuals specific tasks around each of these priorities. We are to check with the group on January 24th after church. I am excited and hopeful as we all work together for the benefit of the God and our Native American Community.

Erin Martin, the District Superintendant for the Columbia District also came at the end of our time together. She voiced support for our plans and a reality check for where the Church as a whole is. Thanks, Erin for your words of wisdom and kindness!!

And thanks to all who made attendance at “Quest for the Future” a priority!! Makes me think of Buzz Lightyear and his pledge “ …..to infinity and beyond!”

With God’s help….

Peace, Gloria.


All bills from 2015 have been paid. For 2015, an increase has been paid toward our Shared Giving Apportionment. Final figures regarding apportionment will appear in the next newsletter.

Thank you for the generosity given the church this past year. We enter 2016 with faithful optimism and pray that you experience many blessings.

Jean Shevland, Finance Chair


The total for the year donated to MainSpring Portland (formerly Fish Emergency

Services) : Clothing 217 lbs, Food 289 lbs, and 39 lbs in Household/Personal care items. A large amount of food and clothing was donated to others in need. Over the year $100 was donated to the BackPack School Food Program.

Thank you to all who donated and sent prayers for those in need.

Jean Shevland, Mission Chair

The Bottle & Can Lady (Helen I.) Total for the last week of December was $18.50. The total for the month, $149.85, making the total for the year, $2259.00!!! That is $257.55 more than last year!! It took 45,180 containers, lots of remembering to call Helen I. and sorting and dedication by Helen Iles to get to that amount of money. Thanks to everyone who was and is able to contribute!! Keep those containers coming as we continue to make our commitment to ministries beyond the local church!!


The UMW Annual Bazaar and Indian Taco Lunch in November earned the UMW $326.50.

Early in December the UMW celebrated the season with a Social Luncheon. Members and six visitors gathered for a good time and great food.

The next UMW and Fireside meetings will be announced later.

There will be a Columbia District UMW Every Member Enrichment Event on March 12th. Details to follow in the next newsletter.

President, Jean Shevland


It is not too late to send in your Stewardship Pledge for 2016! The pledge is a sign of commitment to our church for the coming year; and helps in planning and budgeting income and expenses. If you need a Stewardship form, please see Jean Shevland or Helen Stewart.


The sewing group will begin again on January 19th, 2016. We will meet from1:30pm to 3:30pm in the new sewing room on the lower level. We have two sewing machines that need loving care and most needed supplies. You are welcome to bring your own machine and your own project. As a group we will work on making pillows and quilts for donation. Any scrap wool fabric for quilts would be appreciated.

For more information, please call Helen Stewart, 503-282-6431.

Healing Notes

Our new program: Healing Notes: Native American-Style Flute Music for Healing & Transition is underway! Healing Notes is a service for healing; special gatherings and celebrations; birthing; convalescence (home or facility) from illness or injury; death, dying and grieving; hospice; funerals, weddings, etc. Stephanie will travel to you and play the Native American Flute for you or your loved one(s). The potential benefits of music in a healing setting are calming, soothing, relief from pain, alleviation of distress, peace and relaxation. Reading, conversation, and smudging are also available upon request. All visits are strictly confidential. There is no charge for this service; funds for this program are provided by grants and voluntary love donations. This service is open to all ages, ethnicities, creeds, and spiritualities; it is nondenominational and there is no proselytizing. If you are interested in this service, please call Stephanie at the number during the hours below. If you need brochures, please contact either Stephanie or Helen Stewart of the Board of Trustees. Please don’t hesitate to call Stephanie at (503) 846-1755 between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., if you have any questions or concerns.

Stephanie Baldridge

Prayer Tree

Should you, or anyone that you know, be seriously ill, coming up for surgery, convalescing, dying, etc., please help us activate the Prayer Tree by calling Stephanie at (503) 846-1755 between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., or e-mailing her at: alaria@syrynx.net. In this way, we can notify everyone quickly and easily, and put all of our collective prayers to work!

-Stephanie Baldridge

Cascadia Flute Circle

Don’t forget to visit www.cascadiaflutecircle.org for a wealth of Native American cultural information and traditional (as well as non-traditional) recipes. We’re not just about Native American Flutes! Please contact Stephanie at alaria@syrynx.net or (503) 846-1755 if you would like more info on Cascadia Flute Circle, Native American Flute presentations/lectures, lessons, concerts, weddings, funerals, etc. Stephanie is now also doing Native American Flute lessons online. Please visit www.nativeamericanflutelessons.com, or contact Stephanie for more info