November – December 2015 Newsletter

Pansies Stand for Thoughts
Deaconess and Lay Pastor: Gloria G. Marple
Happy New Year!! This year has already started with storms of ice and smow….and new tires for my car. We actually still have some snow in spots up here. We are so lucky and fortunate that we have dry warm shelter!!
Last week we had our “Quest for Tomorrow”. We celebrated the past and future and with Louise Darling’s leadership, we (the Church Council and other members of the Church started to look at what is working and what is not. The group came up with a list of priorities for right now:
Create a search committee to identify possible pulpit supply candidates including lay pastor tract candidates and other creative directions where we may find leadership.
Explore possible revenue sources to increase salary for pastor.
Review funds that are available for ministry, building and cost of keeping our doors open against income.
Create some plan for follow up with visitors and connecting with greater Native Community by participating in events.
We than assigned individuals specific tasks around each of these priorities. We are to check with the group on January 24th after church. I am excited and hopeful as we all work together for the benefit of the God and our Native American Community.
Erin Martin, the District Superintendant for the Columbia District also came at the end of our time together. She voiced support for our plans and a reality check for where the Church as a whole is. Thanks, Erin for your words of wisdom and kindness!!
And thanks to all who made attendance at “Quest for the Future” a priority!! Makes me think of Buzz Lightyear and he pledge “ … infinity and beyond!” With God’s help….
Peace, Gloria.

Peace, Gloria