• Hello Great Spirit Family,

    Please pray for me in my journey in Los Angeles, that my time here be successful, and that I be speedily reunited with Carl McCoy who assisted me much in the past.

    thank you and Creator bless you! ❤
  • Dear Prayer group
    Partly I hope you might pray for my light headedness after covid vaccine
    But mostly pray God help us finish translating our Lord's Prayer Coloring Pages
    To 100 languages


    In addition to prayer we are up to 71 languages and would appreciate any help proof reading the texts
    Or adding more languages

    We can think of no better way to change a home in any country in the world than a Lord's Prayer Coloring Page on the wall. Hope you might pray God helps us find ways to share them…with missionaries, national pastors etc.

    We hope too you might pray God help us find churches to try our prayer cup bulletin insert

    Charles White
    For The Christian Childcare Coalition
  • Prayers of healing for Norma Minthorn
  • Asking Creator for healing for Joni who has be diagnosed with COVID.
  • Please pray for my daughter who is going through hurtful relationship problems. Pray for Gods wisdom, healing, intervention and restoration in all of this. And pray for our friends who need Gods guidance in their lives and redirection from bad choices they are making. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.
  • Prayers for students, administrators and teachers going back to school
  • Prayers for the Haynes family
  • Prayers for the end of racism
  • Prayers for those who feel isolated and lonely
  • Prayers for Elders, Essential Workers, Youth, Pastors, Nurses, all of humanity who need our prayers
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