• Prayer request for my sister in law. She is going through a lot right now and my friend that has cancer and she is going through chemotherapy
  • Prayer request for those grieving in Warm Springs, wildland firefighters, the homeless, our elders
  • Sharon passed away this last weekend. Please remember her family in your prayers.
  • Linda's sister is in a Bend hospital being treated for Covid19.....and husband with children
    are quarantined......47 people have died on Yakima Reservation........she will be traveling
    to Warm Springs on Saturday and taking water to folks as well as memorializing her Aunt
    who died one year ago.......she is asking for prayer for all the above as well as the water
    situation on the reservation...they are having to boil water to use.......
  • Please add prayers of healing for Pat Sharp
  • This morning Janell Collier's sister, Heidi, passed. Please keep Janell and her family in your prayers. Heidi had recently moved from Alaska to be nearer to family in the Portland/Vancouver area. At this time of social distancing, prayers especially will provide comfort.
  • Creator, Grandfather, we offer the burning of sage as a purification, a reminder for those gathered there to cleanse our thoughts and hearts that we may hear and be guided by your Spirit and direction. We thank you for all our relatives: the four-leggeds, the wingeds, the star people of the heavens, and all living things you have create4d to sustain this life.

    Empower each of us through the giver of Peace, Jesus Christ, to seek and make change for a better life for all people and all creation. Hear our prayers this day and every day. Accept our thanks for all the blessings we enjoy and for those yet to come to us. Aho-Amen
  • Nancy Zerfas

    Precondition category, please
    Pray for her.
  • For healing from a bike accident, for staying healthy & keeping my full time staff nurse job at Unity Hospital, unfinished stressful plumbing contractor issues. For my co-worker’s daughter, who just got out of the hospital from trying to end her life during these scary times. Thanks much.
  • Praying for health and safety for all of us.
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