We are​​ a Native American Fellowship and a United Methodist Church. We are a spiritual family, reaching out to serve our community, especially Indigenous peoples. We welcome all here -- not just to attend, but to be fully engaged and vitally involved in this faith community.

Our core values


Love is the way.


All of creation is connected by Spirit. That spark of the Divine connects with all humanity and the rest of creation.


Without cultivation of the spiritual life, we become unbalanced. Active participation in the development of one’s spirituality is critical for a whole life. We believe this happens best in community.


Those who have gone on before us leave legacies of the old ways and wisdom with those who become elders. We encourage, value, and listen to them, so our tradition(s) may continue to help shape and guide us, informing who we are and what we will become.

We seek to become and embody these values every single day.