January – February 2018 Newsletter

January/February 2018

1 John 3:18 —18 “…let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action. 19 And by this we will know that we are from the truth…”

Greetings Wilshire!

Happy New Year! Google “Christians are” to see the next word which auto-fills. I dare you. Maybe everyone’s will be different, but mine offers things like “judgmental,” “hateful,” and even “like pumpkins.” Wow! How would you fill in the blank? Christians are ________.

A friend recently asked me a question that I’ve been carrying for a while. What if people saw Christians being and doing what they profess to value? We know that the early Jesus followers were known for their love – even loving their enemies. So, what happened? I’ve been wondering. What if people saw so much love in Christians that everyone started saying that again? “I see so much love in those people.” “Have you seen how they love?” “Jesus followers are overflowing with love.” It could happen, but some things, many things, would need to change.

Though it was way back in last year, you may remember, our church started a conversation to help us discern our “core-values.” I’m happy to say that one of the big ones that stood out was love. Once we determine a value like this one, then we must ask ourselves questions like, “How are we living that out?” What do you see? That goes for the other core-values as well. We are in a process of seeing/clarifying them, so we can then live into them with more intention. It will impact everything here.

So, I am glad to say, we are starting 2018 off right, with the continuation of our conversation. This next Sunday, right after church, we will dive back in to clarifying what we value at our very core.
How we answer this question will impact our vision, which will guide what we are becoming.

It is of the utmost importance! If you’re reading this brief article, then I want you to know that your voice matters. You are all invited to bring your hopes and dreams to this gathering, so together, we can focus in on things that truly matter, and make this New Year our best ever.

What do you see?
Blessings and Peace,
Happy Day! The sidewalk repairs have been completed and approved by PBOT, Portland Bureau of Transportation. IC Construction Inc. worked through the cold weather to remove the damaged sidewalk and pour the concrete. There was only a little inconvenience to church goers walking around the barricades. The total cost of the project, $2,731.49.

Next Trustees meeting will be February 11th at 10am.

Board of Trustees Chairperson,
Helen Stewart

Year-end Financial reports are being prepared. Tax Documents should be available by the second week of January. Please continue to add your name to the Offering Envelope if you need documentation of your donation.
Financial Secretary,
Helen Stewart


Please continue to bring non-perishable food for the BackPack Program and Mainspring Portland. With colder weather the need is GREAT and more people require assistance. Drop off donations in the baskets in the Fellowship Hall corner. Food can also be left in the basket in front of the altar.

Helen Iles has kept her camera busy taking pictures of all the Holiday events at Wilshire UMNAF. She posts the pictures in the historian book along with weekly church bulletins and newsletters.

Total collected for the Year 2017!!! $ 3,604.15

The $3,604.15 is sent to the Oregon-Idaho Conference for our Shared Giving Apportionment request.

That is 41,637 containers. The redemption value increased to 10 cents in 2017. In 2018 tea and juice containers will be added, so watch for the OR designation on the container. Helen could use help sorting and lifting on Thursday mornings, let her know if you are available to assist.
Bravo Helen!!

What’s NEW In the Lending Library

Look for these newly donated books on the library shelves located in the fellowship hall. Take a book or two home with you by signing the clipboard, then return in 3 weeks.   Parents, grandparents & friends, these items are great for sharing with your young people:

(1) “Hands on Alaska, Art Activities for All Ages” by Yvonne Y. Merrill – 1994. Filled with beautiful, full-color photos of traditional Native art from the Anchorage Museum of History and Art.
(2) “Her Seven Brothers” by Paul Goble – 1988; this Cheyenne legend of the creation of the big dipper is beautifully illustrated.
(3) “The Gift of the Sacred Dog” by Paul Goble – 1980; a story about the coming of horses to the great plains with amazing illustrations.
(4) “Knees Lifted High”, “Through the Eyes of The Eagle”, “Tricky Treats” by Georgia Perez; illustrated by Lisa Fifield & Patrick Rolo – 2002; these delightful books were commissioned by the Native Diabetes Wellness Program.
(5) “Children of the Earth and Sky, Five Stories About Native American Children” by James Watling – 1991;   These stories display Native American experience 200 years ago including the Hopis, Comanches, Mohicans, Navajos and Mandan.
(6) “Dear Benjamin Banneker” by Arlene Davis Pinkney; illustrated by Brian Pinkney – 1994; the story of accomplished astronomer, mathematician, author and leader against slavery.
(7) “Grandfather Buffalo” by Jim Arnosky – 2006; a poignant story of a buffalo herd and the perils they face.
(8) “Eagle Flights, Native Americans and the Christian Faith” an official resource for the United Methodist Church – 1996, published by Cokesbury, includes student booklets and leaders guide.

 A big thank you to Eva Johnson & Helen Stewart for their donations.

Respectfully Submitted,
Loretta Milton

Music at WUMNAF

What a wonderful Christmas season we had this year!  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the music program.  Singers, drummers, flute players and artists (new collars for the choir robes!) 

Let’s continue to share our talents with our fellow worshipers in the coming months.  We would like to expand our choir and have more flute and drum players involved.  If you or a friend would like to join us, call or email Janell Collier at nellybel@comcast.net or 971-227-5699.

The spring choir schedule is as follows.  We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:15 am in the Sanctuary.

February 4 & 11   Rehearsals
February 18    Sing in worship
March 4, 11 & 18 Rehearsals
March 25 Sing in worship (Palm Sunday)
April 1  Sing in worship (Easter Sunday)
April 8 & 15 Rehearsals
April 22 Sing in worship

Submitted by,
Janell Collier


New Year, new projects! The sewing circle meets on Monday afternoons from 1:30pm – 3:30pm. All are welcome! If you plan to come, call Helen Stewart (503-282-6431) or Bobbie Edwards (503-708-7865) (we don’t always hear the doorbell).

About the United Methodist Women

Our United Methodist Women closed out 2017 with 2 major events. Hosting the annual Bazaar/ Indian Taco Lunch on Nov. 18, with over $500 in earnings, as well as an Honoring Elders Luncheon on December 16.  We were pleased to honor 2 of our most revered elders, Laf Keaton and Jean Wojnowski by saying a few words about their lives and presenting them with gifts.  Jean Shevland, who provided the UMW with excellent leadership for so many years was remembered also.  A big thank you to those who planned, prepared, invited and brought the gifts & delicious food for these special events.  Everyone was invited to take home a gift from our Elder Luncheon – amazing! 
Fundraising by our unit goes toward helping our church, our community, as well as to worldwide missions of the United Methodist Women. For 2017 we have raised funds for Red Lodge Transition Services, NAYA, National Indian Parent Information Center, Heifer International, Portland Backpack Food Program, Habitat for Humanity and others.

Please join us at our meeting on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018 at 9:30. We will begin to plan for our 2018 budget – (what organizations to support with funds brought in during the year) as well as installing our unit’s leadership. 
Our long time member and friend, Tami Gallegos, will be leaving Portland soon to take a position in New Mexico.  We will miss her and the family, and send our prayers along with them, as they transition to a new home and work.

Loretta Milton


5th Amber Deutchman 14th Janell Collier
25th Darlene Fields 22nd William (Bill) Potts


18th Aaron and Galey Morrison 14th Dean and Lois Wagner


Our new program: Healing Notes: Native American-Style Flute Music for Healing & Transition is underway! Healing Notes is a service for healing; special gatherings and celebrations; birthing; convalescence (home or facility) from illness or injury; death, dying and grieving; hospice; funerals, weddings, etc. Stephanie will travel to you and play the Native American Flute for you or your loved one(s). The potential benefits of music in a healing setting are calming, soothing, relief from pain, alleviation of distress, peace and relaxation. Reading, conversation, and smudging are also available upon request. All visits are strictly confidential. There is no charge for this service; funds for this program are provided by grants and voluntary love donations. This service is open to all ages, ethnicities, creeds, and spiritualties; it is nondenominational and there is no proselytizing. If you are interested in this service, please call Stephanie at the number during the hours below. If you need brochures, please contact either Stephanie or Helen Stewart of the Board of Trustees. Please don’t hesitate to call Stephanie at (503) 846-1755 between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., if you have any questions or concerns.

-Stephanie Baldridge


Should you, or anyone that you know, be seriously ill, coming up for surgery, convalescing, dying, etc., please help us activate the Prayer Tree by calling Stephanie at (503) 846-1755 between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., or e- mailing her at: alaria@syrynx.net. In this way, we can notify everyone quickly and easily, and put all of our collective prayers to work!
-Stephanie Baldridge

Cascadia Flute Circle

Don’t forget to visit www.cascadiaflutecircle.org for a wealth of Native American cultural information and traditional (as well as non-traditional) recipes. We’re not just about Native American Flutes! Please contact Stephanie at alaria@syrynx.net or (503) 846-1755 if you would like more info on Cascadia Flute Circle, Native American Flute presentations/lectures, lessons, concerts, weddings, funerals, etc.

Stephanie is also doing Native American Flute lessons online. Please visit www.nativeamericanflutelessons.com, or contact Stephanie for more information.
United Methodist Native American Fellowship

See below for Wilshire United Methodist Native American Fellowship new Vision and Mission statements


Wilshire United Methodist Native American Fellowship is a home for all to gain strength, comfort, understanding and guidance, celebrating living in Creator’s world. The fellowship will be a bridge between traditions, generations and beliefs.


Wilshire United Methodist Native American Fellowship’s Mission
is to bring children and elders together to share Christian and Spiritual traditions

These are works in progress…..please see Church Task Force if you have questions or input on the statements. You are also welcome to attend the Church Task Force meetings.
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